“Stop the Bleed” is a program developed by agencies of the federal government utilizing knowledge won on the battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq in the treatment of injured soldiers and civilians.  The materials used in the program can be safely stored on the properties of churches, schools, and businesses, and with a little training can be safely used to save the lives of friends, families, co-workers and neighbors.  These kits can be used in your home also.

On September 7, St. Jacob’s Lutheran Church at 3444 Sticks Road in Glen Rock, Pennsylvania, will host a Stop the Bleed training workshop at 10:00 am. Ms. Kaitlin Bechtel, Trauma Nurse,  of Wellspan will conduct the workshop which will include a video training session and a hands on practicum.  We hope to conclude the workshop before noon.

Please let us know the number of participants your organization plans to send before August 25 if possible. Contact us at or you may call Jon Weaver at 717-235-4432 and leave a message.

Poster-Stop the Bleed  click on the link  to see the poster information

Pastor Paula Murray

St. Jacob’s Lutheran Church

3444 Sticks Road

Glen Rock, PA  17327