This is Informational as to what the Council of Churches will be doing as far as the Covid-19.

We will continue to serve MOWS.

We will continue to cook for PAL giving  carry out containers out at the dock area of the Council. This will provide a nice flow for the Grab and Go PAL meals.  PAL MEALS Time is still 11:30-12:30.

The Clothing Bank will be closed until further notice.


Anyone in need of any assistance please call the council at 717-633-6353.

Our Changing Lives Shelter is open and will remain open. We only have a few openings and they are reserved for Hanover residents who have been in the community for 4 to 6 months.

This is all so new to everyone and remains fluid. I can tell you I have been involved with a task force of community leaders, the Hospital, legislative representatives, and municipal government and will meet with them again tomorrow. If anyone has information to share please let me know.

We pray for all of you and ask the Lord’s protection of all His people, especially those who are meeting with public each day.



Carol J Hinkle, Executive Director